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Inspiration Gabe Adams goes on an adventure of a lifetime in this captivating documentary spanning Utah to Nashville with Grammy Award winning producer & hit songwriter Joe West. Together they accomplish things that they thought not possible and see the bigger picture of what makes impossible things a reality! 

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“Watching Limb-itless was like going to an attitude chiropractor.” 
- Jimmy Wayne 
Recording Artist, New York Times Best-Selling Author

"Passion and commitment are only part of our daily needs… They are an essential part of life, but the ability to never give up is what inspires and becomes part of you! Gabe has the passion and commitment to life and has never given up. He defines inspiration and his story will become part of you too if you let it! Live Limb-itless… Thank you for the inspiration and showing so many what our lives can be!"
- Jerry Goldenson
President/CEO KHS America

"This courage and sheer will power displayed in this documentary leaves me feeling like I can do anything!!! Thank you!... "
-  Kimberly Ashton

"Simply inspiring, In a world of fear it’s so refreshing to see fearless personified!..."
-  David Shook